Type 2 diabetes has tripled from where it was in the 1980s and in the next few years it is going to explode, not to mention other ailments such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, Alzheimer’s ,cancers that are often associated once diagnosed with diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance, whereby cells no longer respond to the insulin produced. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas a gland or organ located behind the stomach. Insulin acts as the key to entry of glucose into the cells such as liver and muscles. For it to work the cells posses a lock also known as the insulin receptor that recognizes the key. What happens in diabetes, the lock on the cell stop fitting well onto the key insulin which then requires that more insulin is produced to keep trying to unlock the cells for glucose to enter. This leads to more work for the pancreas, which initially it does, until it is not sustainable, the pancreas gets exhausted it produces less insulin and the blood sugar gets high which is then called diabetes. What that means then is that insulin resistance starts long before a diagnosis of diabetes referred to as prediabetic and at the heart of rising against the depths of diabetes is improving and returning the ability of cells insulin receptors to respond to insulin in other words reduce insulin resistance!

So when diagnosed with diabetes mostly swallowed medications that reduce the blood sugar are provided, and at times eventually insulin injections. Nutrition advice is also given but mostly understated. It is very important to keep the blood sugar as near normal as possible in order to reduce the diabetic complications which are caused by constantly high sugars. Insulin is a plenty hormone that is also involved in storage of fats, cholesterol production. Its circulation at high levels is the cause of complications of diabetes despite very good control of the sugars


To summarize then ,the two most important goals of treating  diabetes is to keep the sugars low and increase the insulin sensitivity which eventually reduce the amount of insulin circulating in the body.


We are what we eat. There has come a time in our times when science and evidence about nutrition can no longer be ignored.
. In this, letter ,I will be emphasizing the power of nutrition in helping Control diabetes and all other chronic ailments that follow, and the possibility of even reversing the condition


Eating your way out of the depths of Diabetes


1. Eat whole foods with low glycaemic index and low glyceamic load


Glycaemic index   It is the amount of insulin  produced in response to certain food. High GI  food will cause the pancreas to produce more insulin


__these are foods that don’t cause sugar levels in the blood to shoot up. They include plant based foods such as
Above vegetables
Kales, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, spinach, green peas, asparagus, artichokes, squash

Below vegetables
Also go for the complex carbohydrates with much fibers thereby reducing net carbs available these are sweet potatoes,


2. Stay away from sugars, in all their accomplices. Refined ,processed carbohydrates
I.e. cakes sodas, yoghurts ,cookies have many calories of sugar. Instead go for whole unprocessed foods.


3. Enjoy nuts, they are an excellent source of fibers minerals and healthy fats that keep your cardiovascular health checked. They also make you full as they provide energy for long hours.No more bursts of hunger, tire and irritability as the sugars keep controlled.
Cashew nuts
4.Do not forget your seeds.
they are great sources of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, chromium which are known to be deficient in virtually all diabetics. Enjoy them in your pudding, as breakfast. Carry a super power snack bar made with seeds such as
Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Black seeds


5. Supplement other super nutrients.
We are living in a world where it is impossible to get all the nutrients required for vibrant health in foods alone. This is because after many years of farming most soils are depleted of the important minerals and nutrients. GMO farming use of glycophosphate for pest disease control has also contributed.
Thereby get yourself clean supplements of
Omega 3


          Alpha –lipoic acid

There are many more other aspects of life that should still be optimized, such as stress management, optimal sleep, toxins screen and exercising. This is all because they still have an impact on insulin directly or indirectly and through other hormones such as cortisol_the stress hormone.
So to get one of our coaches to lead you to that and more through a personalized way, reach unto us.


Canspi Healthcare

What is All About Cancer

Cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues that is known to cause many health problems when it strikes. It is an epidemic of the modern times that is dreaded and feared by many due to the far reaching effects on health.
The treatment approach has largely remained the same over the last century, cut (surgery), burn radiation, and poison chemotherapy. While many advances have been made in those main ways, the survival rate and quality of life after a cancer diagnosis has not changed significantly. If anything unfortunately there has been increased cases of more cancers in the world, cases previously found in older people are being seen in other younger ages. The big question remains why is this despite the advances in health care.

Cancer has been considered a genetic disease where changes in genes that control how the cells grow, divide and self destruct are changed. These mostly are due to environmental factors such as chemicals, toxins exposure diet, just to mention  causing insult to the DNA .Some genes are inherently faulty and are passed on to siblings of the carrier. Some of the most well recognized genes are the BRCA for certain breast cancers. Luckily such represent less than 10% of all the cancers. Meaning the big burden of most of the cancers is modifiable since most development depends on environmental factors of which some if not all we have control!

Cancer Background Information

There is a new scientific body of knowledge on environmental issues playing a big role in growth of cancer called epigenetics,
Epigenetic is the study of biological systems that make genes to be turned on or turned off. Basically these are additions or omissions in the expression of genes that influence whether disease happens or not. These are mediated by environmental aspects such as diet, stress, chemicals, and toxins.
Are you saying that my lifestyle is key in determining whether I get cancer or not?
Precisely, yes you can fuel your body to cancer or make it inhabitable to cancer.
So if you eat nutrients dense foods, handle stress effectively, help the body eliminate toxins, keep hormones controlled in a personalized way as per your unique self that’s the key.

Stages of cancer
This occurs when normal cells or stem cells after some insult to the DNA mostly by environmental factors also known as carcinogens cause permanent changes to the gene. These changes make those particular cells prone to develop into cancer cells. Mostly the body is able to destroy such cells but if they divide, the daughter cells are still prone to cancer. The changes are irreversible but the good news is that they remain in that state unless triggered into the next step.
After the above, the initiated cells are susceptible to growing more daughter cells if some promoters are present. They occur in two groups, Specific promoters which target only particular cells or certain receptors. on specific promoters which attach to any initiated cell .These cause proliferation or increase in cells thus forming a mass which is normally diagnosed as a tumour.These cells are reversible and most excitingly, respond to dietary changes. Studies have shown most animal proteins tend to be promoters while plant based nutrients are antioxidants and tend to be antipromoters thus an observation that cancer progresses or regresses consequently. The difference in some individuals getting cancer while others don’t is dependent on their diet and other lifestyle.
These occur when the cell masses extend to other local areas and remotely through the lymphatic or blood normally referred as metastasis.

Viruses and bacteria’s
They are also implicated in altering gene expression thus initiating of promoting cancer growth.
Some viruses alter the genes directly by affecting cell division or through causing chronic inflammation. Inflammation is a process associated with increased blood flow and release of immune cells which can alter genes ,and growth of new blood vessels angiogenesis both of which help promote cancer growth


Having demystified how cancer develops I know you would want me to share how you can improve your health or that of your loved ones if faced with cancer. Intuitively most people know the importance of diet ,since almost always when faced with illnesses ,the question posed to healthcare providers is often what should I eat now, Unfortunately most are unable to satisfactorily answer that question, blame the system that educated them; until recently the importance of nutrition and its impact on health has been downplayed for long.

So I will spend the next few minutes teaching you the basics of feeding to support the body during cancer treatment and the high potential of nutrient dense foods to make the body inhabitable to cancer as well as literally digesting the cancer cells away.

The best known anticancer foods are not far from the healthy foods you know, basically organic vegetables and fruits and wild pastured lean meats.




These include cabbages, broccoli, kale, watercress, horse radish, collards cauliflower. They possess contain sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols (I3Cs).The two are powerful detoxifiers and also prevent precancerous cells from becoming actual cancer cells.


These include spirulina, spinach, alfafa, wheatgrass, barley grass, blue green algae, chlorella and other green plants. They are rich in chlorophyll a powerful inhibitor of carcinogens (things that causes cancers) and other phytonutrients that rejuvenate organs supporting the body heal.



They have the rainbow colours red orange purple, yellow. Such foods include carrots,tomatoes,watermelons,berries,cranbellies,beets,,strawberry,grapes,pomegranate.Orange colored foods are rich in vitamin A beta carotene which protects cell membrane and prevent spread of cancers. The others are all rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients thus making them integral in a cancer diet. Eat them as giant salads juice them, whatever way you get to eat them incorporate them.


It contains in particular EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate a potent antioxidant that stops tumour growth and detoxifies the liver, Green tea also has other polyphenols and catechins that all make it tough on cancers. Studies have shown polyphenols stop leukemic cells from growing.



Studies at cellular levels have identified  important micronutrients deficiencies that cause mitochondrial dysfunction .Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the human cell, confusion and alterations in the most important of the cell function is at the heart of development of cancer. Important nutraceuticals that support mitochondrial function are important in reversing cancers. Such well studied nutrients include alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, magnesium, D-ribose, PQQ, creatine, and B complex and should be added to the super foods against cancer.